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apartment in luxor

Ref WB 074S

Apartment in gorf for sale in west bank Luxor,has 2bedromms 1 bathroom garden 40000 Euros all building 105000Euros


RF EB084 S

commercial in luxor 430 Mq 65.00000LE


Ref WB 01 VS

Unique villa Price 885.000LE

flat in luxor

Ref WB 0002 S

flat in luxor for sale price 45000$-with swimming pool


Ref WB 03 flats S

LOVELY FLATS has 2rooms price 450000LE rent 1700LE per week

luxury of private villa

Ref WB 04 VR

private villa Egypt Luxor one week 1100LE

luxury villa

Ref WB 05 S

villa finshed to a very high standard,for sale price 230000$

Wonderful nubian style domed villa

Ref wb 06 S

Amazing Domes villa for sale price 125000$

Amazing  views

Ref WB 07S

fantastic 2flats Domes price 1100000LE

West bank nile viewe elgorf

Ref WB 08 lan S

West Bank Nile view Elgorf price 1,10000LE

wonderful nubian style villa

Ref WB 09 V S

Nubian style villa in Luxor has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms price 6500000LE

lovely villa

Ref WB 010 S

lovely villa price 650000LE

Villa super lux

Ref WB 011S

Villa,in,,for,sale,price 105000$

Lovely location in luxor

Ref EB 012 flats S

lovely location in Luxor Est Bank price 340000LE

Land in quiet rural location

Ref WB 014 S

Land in quiet rural location in west bank luxor per on M 2100LE

This lovely domed villa

Ref WB 015 S

This lovely domed villa for sale 1400000LE

lovely apartment

Ref WB 016 S

lovely Apartment has 3 bed 1 bathroom price for sale 350000LE

quit location

Ref WB 017 S

quit location land 175 M Elgazera west bank in Luxor price 250000LE

Hotels in  Luxor West Bank

Ref WB018 S

Hotels in West Bank-4 sale price 2930000LE rent 12$per person فندق باالاقصر

fantastic flat

Ref WB 19S

Fantastic flat

Traditional home

Wef WB 21S

traditional home in Madeant Hapu west bank for sale 950000Le

luxury of private villa

ref WB 022 villa S

luxury of private villa price 950000LE

Sun every day

Ref WB 025 S

Sun every day Price 48000LE fully furnished per one apartment


Ref WB 026 S

building Price 9800000LE west bank El Ramla per one apartment 340000Le

2 bedroom Egyptian Experience Resort 2

Ref EB 027S

2 bedroom Egyptian Experience Resort2 one week 560000LE

Flat nile views

Ref WB 028 S

Flat Nile views 300000LE

Nile flat

Wef WB 29S

apartment has 2 bedrooms 1 bathrooms Nile flat Price 450000LE

Traditional home

Wef WB 30S

Home Nupian ins Madent Hapu west bank luxor for sale 450000LE

Studio in luxor

Wef WB 31S

Studio in luxor price 230000LE

Promenade flats in luxor

Wef WB 32S

Promenade flats in luxor all building 6flats has 6rooms 6bathrooms 2.300.000 LE

Villa with tow rooms

Wef WB 33 S

Villa with 2rooms Price 500000LE 350Mq

villa with garden

Wef WB 34 S

apartment with garden price 59500LE

Land opportunity

Wef WB 35 S

Land opportunity Price 900000LE

land for sale

Ref WB 36 S

land for sale one Kirat means 175M price 173.500LE

land for sale front the west Nile 875 meters per meter 1100LE

Ref WB 37 S

land front the Nile 875 meters per meter 1100LE

land for sale in est Bank Luxor

land west bank- west bank Luxor- holiday rent in Luxor- land 4 sale in est bank luxor

land east bank of Luxor Fairous per meter 4500LE

villa unfinished in Luxor

Ref WB039 S

unfinished villa 620000 LE

apartment Egypt,luxor

Ref.WB 041 S Ramla

This is a villa with 2 apartments which has recently been updated. Close to all local shops and restaurants. 5 Bedrooms Price: 2,480,000 LE (EGP)

apartment has 2 rooms for month 2600LE price for sale

Ref EB 043 S

apartment has 2 rooms for month 2600LE for sale 1950000LE

building for sale in west bank of Luxor

Ref EB040 S

building for sale in west bank of Luxor 1,30000 EUROS 4 rent per week 150 EUros

studio Egyptian Experience Resort 1

Ref EB 045 S

studio Egyptian Experience Resort1 price 350000LE

3 bedroom Egyptian Experience Resort 3

Ref EB 046 S

3 bedroom Egyptian Experience Resort3 price 830000LE

lovely apartment

Ref WB 047 S

lovely apartment price 500000LE

Studio in west bank

Ref WB 048 S

Studio in west bank price 21800LE

falt in west bank

Ref WB 049 S

Flat in West Bank price 490000LE

Nile view

Ref WB 050 S

Nile view price 850000LE

panoramic view

Ref EB 051S

panoramic view price 1700000LE

building has 6 rooms&6 bathrooms

Ref WB 0520 S

building has 6 rooms&6 bathrooms Price 2100000LE

Land withe oanoramic view

Ref WB 053 S

West Bank Nile View price 550000LE

land 175 MS

Ref WB 054 S

Land 175 Ms price 180000LE

real-estate in Egypt

Ref EB055 S

villa-has-2floors withe 4bedrooms and 4bathrooms 1200000LE


Ref WB 0560S

Apartment has tow bedroom ground floor apartment in the Riverside village of Ramla.2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms Price: 550,000 LE rent week 1900LE

villa has 2 rooms

Ref WB 60

villa has 2 rooms on suite.jacuzzi price 1000000LE


Ref EB 61 S


Home has 2 bedrooms one bathroom per 1 week900LE  buy price 550000LE

Ref EB063 S

Home has 2 bedrooms one bathroom per 1 week900LE buy price 550000LE


Ref EB062 S


commercial building

Ref EB 066S

commercial building in Luxor price for sale 7500000LE

villa has 5 rooms

Ref EB067 S

Villa has 5 rooms 5 on suite bathrooms &swimming pool price 2280000 LE

Villa Luxor Egypt for sale

REF EB 068 S

Villa 4bedrooms 2 bathrooms 2floors 2.900000LE


Ref WB069 S



Ref WB 070S

1400 السعر price1700000epم


Ref WB 071S

Villa has 1 bedroom 1 bathroom 560.000LE villa

Ref WB 072S

Villa has 4 rooms 5 bathrooms 700M withe garden price for buy 1.950.000LE villa

Ref WB 073 S

Villa vacation in Egypt Luxor rent sale per week 2500LE sale 1.800.000LE

apartment Egypt,luxor sale

Ref WB 073S

apartment Nile viewe for sale in Egypt Luxor 2bedrooms accommodation 50000$

apartment in luxor

Ref WB 0578S

apartment for sale in west bank has 2 rooms 1 bathrooms Nile view.the third floor for sale 380.000LE.20.500$

Two Apartments and three stuidio for sale 1800000LE

REF WB 088 S

Two Apartments and three studio for sale 110.000Euros

Restuarants-for-sale-Luxr Rgypt-rent restuarant-Est-Bank-Luxor

REF WB 082 S

Restaurant for rent monthly 8000LE

west house

Ref WB 080S

El Gorf west bank house has 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms swimming pool garden for sale 890.000LE


Ref WB 083S

building-has-4apartments-for-sale-1,450,000LE Not furnished


Ref WB 081S

This beautiful double Apartments is in El Gorf for sale 1.000,000LE rent 1000LEeach


RF EB085 S

1 double bedroom 2 bathrooms Air condition units Also available for rent Dining area Fitted Kitchen Fully Furnished Garden Private terrace Scenic view Security price sale 445,000LE Washing machine

west bank

RF EB086 S

Apartment has 2 bedrooms one bathroom AC fully furnished fitted Kitchen per one week 1400LE per long term 3000L for sale 450,000LE

lovel compound


Apartment in Compound Restaurant and pool bar Daily housekeeping Laundry service staff per night 52$ for sale apartment100,000Sterling

luxor land

Ref WB 089S

Land front of the Nile per 350Mq 41,000$.

lovely westbank

WB 090 S

For sale new build beautiful traditional Arabian dome house, price 179.000 US $

west bank

Ref WB 091S

Electric and water already on the plot with 20x40 per one MSQ150$


Ref WB 092S

Two seperate flats in one house, nice Arabic style near Medinet Habu for sell, price 1.600.000 LE

west house

Ref WB 05710S

Land in west bank front of the Nile 525 meter price 750000LE

Land Reclamation

Ref WB 0779S

Land Reclamation in Luxor for sale 155000LE per Fadan350 Fadan x4200M

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