When one arrives in Luxor it is difficult to imagine how the great city of Thebes was laid out.  For centuries

the capital of the Egyptian Kingdom, it was famous for its wealth, the city where the rich houses are full

of treasures and the most wonderful history.  The old Egyptian capital is divided in two by a canal; to the

south grew up the town of Luxor while to the north the village of Karnak developed. Luxor has two sights,West

Bank which includes the temples of the dead, military funerary temples like the temple of Momtu Hotep and

Hapahatshepsut Temple and the Harbu Temple and Ramesseum.  In the East Bank city  you will find  the Luxor

Temple, musuem  of Mummification and the souq (market) which is divided into two parts the tourist and the local

this is a colourful sight be prepared to bargin and to enjoy the atmosphere.

  In Luxor the only witness

to its splended past is the grandiose temple that the Egyptians call "Amon's southern harem" It is joined

to the temple of Karnak by a long avenue of sphinxes with rams heads.  This road is not been completely

uncovered and work is still in progress to restore it to its entireity.    About three kilometres from the temple

at Luxor one finds the vast temple of Karnak. This great Temple of Amon amazes one by its sheer size.

It is the largest temple supported  by huge columns, in the world and is so vast that it could easily

contain the whole of Notre Dame de Paris or half of Manhattan, USA.  A forest of columns which excite

a tremendous emotion because of their sheer size and the play of light/shade on them.  The complex

at  Karnak also had a sacred lake.  Today the reflection of the imposing remains of the temple can been seen inthe lake.

The museum of Luxor contains many interesting exhibits and is well worth a visit.  The Valley of the Kings on the

mountainside behind Thebes there are many valleys of which is the valley of the Kings.  The history of the valley of

the Kings is one long storey of plundering and night time robberies.  But the strange and very moving happenings

about the pharaohs is truely a amazing storey.




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